The football club “Saburtalo” was founded on August 20, 1999. In 2005 year FC “Saburtalo” was bought by the Business Holding “Iberia Business Group”, in person of it’s President Mr. Tariel Khechikashvili. Mr. President had development plan to achieve his goal to become FC “Saburtalo” the best football academy in Georgia. Implementation of the project was started on the second day. The General Director is Mr. Kakha Chumburidze.

In the Football Club “Saburtalo” there are professional and skilled coaches, who share their experience to the young generation. Nowadays we have about 600 football players in the different groups by age. They participate in matches organized by Georgian Football Federation and Tbilisi Football Federation, also some of them are summoned to the Georgian National Football Team (U17 – 13 our players, U16 – 10 our players, U15 – 8 our players). At the beginning we had team composed by the football players born in 1993-1994, from this team nine players are in FC “Dinamo”, Tbilisi now, two players in FC “Zestafoni” and two – Vako Kazaishvili and Giorgi Chanturia are playing in BV “Vitesse”, Arnhem. (We have close partnership with the following Football club). Also on the trainings in abroad were Bachana Arabuli (FC Manchester-city), David Khocholava (Empoli), Archil Tvildiani (Spartak, Moscow). For today the eldest players in our football academy are born in 1996 and the smallest ones are born in 2006.

Football Club “Saburtalo” has scouts. They travel in the different regions of the Georgia, select good players and inform us about them. We negotiate with the players, with their parents, also with the football clubs about all liabilities and then formalize contracts. All the costs of living of those players who are brought from the regions, are borne by FC “Saburtalo” (Accommodation, meal, transportation, education and etc.)

Our priority also is good infrastructure. We have four mini fields on 50 Iosebidze str. and on 7 Asatiani str. two mini fields and one full-size stadium “BENDELA”, there also are tribunes for 1800 spectators.

Our goal is to discover talents among the beginner football players and grow them as world class football players. To achieve the goals we have partnerships with various football or non-football organizations.

We organize different kinds of tournaments. For example we held international tournament – “Volkswagen Cup”, on December 2011, where participated BV “Vitesse” and some Georgian football clubs, the same international tournament “Saller Cup” was held on December, 2012 also and this time participants were BV “Vitesse” (The Netherlands), “Malaga” CF (Spain), FC “Saburtalo” and FC “Lokomotivi” (Georgia). The following tournament will become a tradition and we hope the scales of participants will increase. It is important to say that the winner in both cases was FC “Saburtalo”.